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  Sunway Daechang Forging(Anhui)Co.,Ltd is a sino-foreign joint venture enterprise, established in 2007, the company registered capital of 21 million yuan, the total assets of 60 million yuan, has a strong technological innovation and the ability to develop new products. Company is located in wuhu, xu town industrial park, the company imported Korea DCF model technology, a new forging automation, automatic heat treatment production lines, high-speed nc machining technology, for many of the world's leading engineering machinery host manufacturers and supply parts and components, with reliable quality and technology, and competitive market prices, to enter the Chinese market in the domestic production and manufacturing, in the global engineering mechanical chassis parts supply, occupies an important position in the market.Sunway Dachang Rorging(Anhui)Co.,Ltd is a South Korea, the only professional manufacturer in China.

  • 2007years

    Set up the time

  • 2100wan

    The registered capital

  • 6000wan

    The company's total assets

  • 10+

    Supporting manufacturers




Due to leading technology, reliable quality, widely used in the world, is currently in the country established a broad customer base

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